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Policies and reminders for Cup Week

Read our updated policies and reminders for designated smoking areas, BYO food and glass beverage movement within the Members Enclosures for the upcoming Cup Week.

As an extension of the Victorian Government’s Tobacco Act, the VRC has designated smoking areas across course. These areas have been determined with the strict legislation in mind and are denoted by clear signage. 

  • The Club Stand is a no smoking zone. Members wishing to smoke may cross the link bridge at the rear of the G.H Mumm Champagne Bar to a designated smoking area. Members are also welcome to utilise the designated smoking area in the Public Betting Ring or on the Public Front Lawn.
  • The Grandstand is a no smoking zone. Members may utilise the designated smoking zones on Hill Road – one to the side of the Hill Gate entry and one between the train station and The Domain.
  • The Rails has a designated smoking area located underneath the super screen at the east end of The Rails carpark.
  • The Nursery has two designated smoking areas – one near the information booth behind the western super screen and the other near the central TAB rotunda and super screen.
  • The Domain has a designated smoking zone located just outside the western gates.
  • The Birdcage is a no smoking zone. Guests wishing to smoke may do so outside the gates of The Birdcage on Crabapple Lane or in the designated smoking area in the Members Unreserved Car Park.

For all designated smoking areas please refer to our Carnival map.

A reminder that BYO food is not permitted anywhere in The Club Stand, except for on the Front Lawn. BYO food is permitted in all areas of The Grandstand, except the Racing Rewards Lounge, The Atrium dining and The Peak. 

Within The Club Stand, members are permitted to take glass out onto the seating decks, into the Betting Ring and on the Members Lawn area. 

In The Grandstand, the glass policy is slightly different with glass permitted on the Champagne Terrace however all glasses and bottles must be decanted before entering the seating decks and northern balconies.

As always, it is important that on race days, all members and their guests follow the standards of the VRC as set out in the rules, regulations and code of conduct that govern our Club. We recommend all members familiarise themselves with the VRC Code of Conduct which can be found here.