Club Stand Update

The Club Stand build continues with the installation of steel and concrete making rapid progress. Steel has been installed to 50% of the Level 3 (Byreley/Bluegrass and Straight 6) and Multiplex are aiming to have all of Level 3 completed prior to their Carnival Break. Multiplex will finish up with their main build activities next Wednesday before AAMI Victoria Derby Day and return to work on the Tuesday post-Emirates Stakes Day. 

Operations have begun to take part of the site back for carnival. This has required a lot of coordination to ensure both VRC Operations and Multiplex are across what each other are doing to facilitate the infrastructure requirements for carnival. The opportunity to provide temporary infrastructure within the Club Stand site is a wonderful opportunity for our Members to be able to view the impressive Club Stand building up close during the Carnival. 

The following works will be completed over the next fortnight: 

WEEK 49: 
23/10/17 – 29/10/17 
Level 3  
Continue steel erection 
Bondek installation 
Commence precast petal installation 
Commence reo installation and slab pours 

Level 2 
Complete slab pours 
Complete precast petal installation 

Level 1 
Fire spray and services rough in 
Complete seating plat installation 
Continuation of Owners & Trainers area 

Ground Floor 
Services rough in 
Blockwork installation 
Thermal insulation install 

WEEK 50: 
30/10/17 – 2/11/17 

Commence removal of Jump form 

Level 4 
Column & beam steel erection 
Commence Bondek installation 

Level 3 
Continue reo and pour slabs 
Continue precast petal installation 

Level 2 
Start services rough in and fire spray 

Level 1 
Completion of owners and trainers area for carnival handover 
Ongoing services rough in and fire spray 

Ground Floor 
Plant room fit-out ongoing 
Commence building stud walls