September Club Stand Update

Club Stand Construction has continued to make great progress above ground, with all of the Ground slab poured, all columns to support level one now in place and approximately 50% of the Level One floor concrete poured.  Heading into the warmer months progress is expected to continue at a rapid rate.
The Owners and Trainers Building has now taken shape with all steel columns in place and the concrete for level one expected to be poured early next week. 

The following works will be completed over the next fortnight: 
WEEK 45: 
25/9/17 – 1/10/17 
East & west core construction – jumped when required 
Continuation of Level 1 slab pours 
Precast petal installation 
Continuation of Owners and Trainers area 
Race day 27th September 
Grand Final Day Public Holiday 

WEEK 46: 
2/10/17 – 8/10/17 
Level 2 Structural steel installation 
Level 2 petal installation 
Owners and Trainers Level 1 slab pour