VRC FLEMINGTON (@flemingtonvrc

27 May 2020

What is your role at Flemington? 
I am a watchman, and myself and my colleagues take care of the security of the track. We open the gates in the morning and lock up every night, and arm the alarms. We check the ID of every person who passes through them; every single horse float, car and person gets checked. We also open up the stables. We make sure that the only right personnel is on course.

How has your job been impacted by COVID 19? 
As well as checking ID, we also take everyone’s temperature as they enter. Anything that’s a little high, we report to their manager who will assess if they stay at work. We’ve only had a couple of cases. It is great that racing has been able to continue because of measures in place like this.

How big is your team? 
We have four watchmen, working around the clock in two shifts. During Carnival time when it is usually more hectic, we have extra help. There are so many different people coming and going at that time that we have to be across it all.

Any interesting moments in your job? 
We have had to stay overnight in the stables a couple of times, as sometimes trainers of the bigger name horses have wanted their horses watched overnight. We only let in people like the approved vet or farrier. This happens with the international horses mostly.   

Have you always liked racing? 
Before I got this job, I thought that there were just four races in the Spring Carnival! Now I have been here seven years and I love my job, the horses and the sport. I find it all really interesting and am happy to stay back and help whenever is needed to make things run smoothly.  

Behind the gates with Emir, Night Watchman