Talk of the town

The very best Melbourne Cup Carnival experiences come from unexpected moments. If you’re ready to discover something thrilling and new, there is nowhere else like the Melbourne Cup Carnival to surprise and delight.

For something completely different this year, here are a few ideas to keep the interest up and the conversation flowing.

Talk about fabulous interior design …

Done well, beautiful interior design can contribute as much to a great restaurant experience as the food and wine. When it comes to beautifully designed interiors, Flemington is no exception.

For example, while the strong focus of the dining experience at The Byerley is very much on the food, there is still so much more to take in, from the moment you take your seat.

Visually, the entire room is a feast for the eyes. The high ceilings and glass walls set the stage for views out over the Mounting Yard and track. The mood inside exudes a welcoming sense, fostered by the soft, English colour palette featuring distinctive textiles, carpets and lighting.

The subtle design flourishes continue with the furniture selections and interior decor. As you enter the room, you’ll stroll immediately into a sense of relaxed but luxurious comfort, thanks to the soft blue colour palette, punctuated with watercolour-style floral bouquets on banquettes, and accented with soft greens and beiges. 

The refined and elegant interior of The Byerley is befitting of the indulgent fare on offer.

Talk about celebrating a moment on top of the world...

A dimly-lit, cosy and intimate bar certainly has its appeal at times. But there’s a lot to be said about spacious, open spaces with amazing views, as you party with friends on a rooftop high above it all.

All around the world, cities are embracing the trend to rooftop bars that offer views that seem to stretch on forever. Add The Roof Garden in the Club Stand at Flemington to that list.  

Stepping out into this charming indoor/outdoor space, the garden party feeling extends in every direction. Bright florals and green foliage will fill your vision virtually anywhere you stand. The laid-back ambience continues as you relax under a bold striped market umbrella, a shading tree or amidst the greenery that surrounds you. Grab a beer, wine or cocktail on a sunny summer’s day, and count yourself among the luckiest people in the world.

And, like nowhere else on course, The Roof Garden offers an open spaciousness, making it perfect for larger groups to convene and spend a fun-filled day together.

Once you’ve assembled your tribe and with a perfect blue sky overhead, set everyone up with a cold drink while you order up some street-eats-style food choices - you may have just created the perfect Melbourne Cup Carnival experience!

Talk about an intriguing, mysterious place to party…

If you love curling up with a good mystery - but can’t stand the thought of missing out on a party by staying home all the time - you’ll probably love hitting a bar that keeps you guessing from the moment you enter.

Flemington has its own intriguing spaces and places where everything is not always quite as it seems. One year on, and people are still talking about the party destination known as 1 Oliver St. This intriguing space debuted at the 2017 Melbourne Cup Carnival, and the stories and myths surrounding 1 Oliver St continue to grow.

Interested in trying to decipher all the secrets that lie inside? Once you enter, you’ll probably want to figure out how go about scoring one of the ‘secret keys’ that enable the lucky holders to claim some interesting rewards for their efforts.

Keep your eyes peeled for The Butler, set to make a return appearance at this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival — a gentleman there to serve and who’s always at the ready to answer virtually any request.

While there is still plenty to keep you guessing about what’s in store at 1 Oliver St during this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival, one thing you can count on: people will be talking about it long after the party has ended.