Chasing the bubbles

A chilled, bubbling glass of champagne is an icon of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. If you're keen to celebrate with a glass or two of France's finest, or a local take on Sparkling as you immerse yourself in the excitement of the Carnival, there’s more choice than ever before.

Celebrate your Melbourne Cup Carnival by raising a glass of bubbly in your own unique, stylish way!

Dive into a glass of glamour...

GH Mumm Champagne Bar

For some people, the champagne itself is only one half of the equation. A stunning, over-the-top bar or venue, surrounded by glamorous racegoers  like yourself completes the picture.

If sipping fine French Champagne in a stylish setting like this is how you see yourself, you could do no better than making your way into the G.H. Mumm Champagne Bar, in the new Club Stand. It’s like stepping into a slice of French luxury and high style.

The bar is certain to become famous as Flemington’s ultimate ‘Champagne experience,’ which will be evident from your first sip from the famed estate’s offering. You can be sure the product on offer in this luxe Club Stand bar mirrors the motto of Georges Hermann Mumm himself: "Only the best". 

A glass of bubbles in an ocean of cocktails.

Some among us like bucking trends and forging our own way in the world. If this kind of adventurous spirit defines your style, then don’t shy away from some of Flemington’s bars that may seem to place their emphasis on fine wines or inventive cocktails. You’ll still be sure to locate a fine glass of bubbles, even when everyone around you is shaking and stirring some other drink.

For example, the Bluegrass Bar on Level 3 of the Club Stand is set to become the home of Flemington’s most interesting cocktails. Even so, there’s no reason to think you won’t also find a superb glass or two of your favourite bubbles. In fact, you may not even have to face the dilemma of deciding between Champagne or an inventive cocktail - why not ask the bartender if they can create your very own Champagne cocktail!

Bubbles with a view.

The Club Stand Rooftop

There really is almost no spot on course where you won’t find something fascinating to catch your eye. And high up in the Grandstand, the Hill Stand or the Club Stand, the views across the track and out to the Melbourne skyline are nothing short of breathtaking. So once your glass of champagne is firmly in hand, make your way to the incredible views spread out before you, and take a moment to appreciate your very own version of ‘living the high life.

Step back to an era when champagne ruled


The modern world moves pretty fast. If you’re a romantic at heart, and sometimes think you’d be better suited to a time of Art Deco, Big Bands and an era of black-and-white movies of yesteryear, there’s a good chance you’re a lover of fine champagne too.

Those days of romance aren’t necessarily gone— entirely at least.  If you’re looking to recapture some of the suave style from days gone by, you can do no better than at 1 Oliver St (located in the Birdcage all through Carnival week).  If you squint your eyes just right, you may just think you’ve stepped into the frame of one of those vintage movies.

Once inside this surprising, glamourous and incredibly grand space, the very best Champagne and sparkling wines will be flowing. You won’t have to venture far for a glass of your favourite. With so many waitstaff on hand, there’s sure to be someone ready to serve up something cold, freshly poured and absolutely delicious. 

There aren’t many things you can count on these days, but one thing is certain: at your next Melbourne Cup Carnival outing, the champagne won’t stop flowing until the party has run its course.

Raise a glass to the razzle dazzle

Champagne bubbles

A fine glass of champagne is a thing of beauty in its own right, but how much better would one taste if you were standing in the middle of all the beautiful people while you enjoyed it?

Now you can, atthe Bird Bath Bar in the heart of The Birdcage - Flemington’s home of the stylish and well-heeled. Raise your glass in this Members-only bar, and watch the world go by as fashionistas and celebrities (and all the celebrity-spotters) join in on the revelry.

Let’s face it - sometimes the best part of a glass of champagne is knowing how fabulous you look as you hold it!

By the Numbers

  • Number of glasses poured at 2017 MCC: over 271,000
  • Number of bottles of bubbles consumed:  over 45,000
  • Number of party pies and sausage rolls purchased to soak up the Bubbles: over 20,000
  • Winningest Melbourne Cup Racehorse with Champagne in name: Champagne, Jockey: G. Boss, 1998 Melbourne Cup