Crowd cheering on racehorse and jockey as it returns from the track following a race

Why Being at Flemington On Lexus Melbourne Cup Day is Way Better Than a BBQ

We look forward to that first Tuesday in November all year, knowing that for three minutes at least, we can escape the everyday and get swept up in the excitement of the 'race that stops a nation'. Even though workplace sweepstakes, boozy lunches at bars and the much-loved backyard BBQ are all good places to take in the Lexus Melbourne Cup, there’s absolutely nothing like being at Flemington when all the action goes down.

We doubt you need any reasons to make Flemington your destination on Tuesday 6th November, but if you need a little persuasion, here’s seven reasons why being at Flemington on Lexus Melbourne Cup Day is way better than a BBQ.

See Sam Smith live
Because you won’t have a British superstar singing in person at your BBQ. No matter how great a singer your mate may be, he isn’t Grammy-winning Sam Smith. He’s just not. Buy your general admission ticket now for a chance to win the ultimate Cup Day experience with ticket upgrades to The Furphy Deck, including an all-day food and beverage package, plus tickets to Sam Smith performing live at Rod Laver Arena on the 6th Nov! Find out more information here.

Be part of Australian sporting history
There’s nothing quite like the thrill of being amongst a hundred thousand racegoers cheering like crazy for three exciting minutes. And when everyone is talking about that legendary win, you can say “I was there!”

Get down to The Presets
My People. This Boy’s in Love. Yippiyo-Ay. If you partied at the peak of The Presets musical career you’ll relish the opportunity to relive these days under the guise of ‘going to the races’. 

Take in the smell of the turf
Get your Zyrtec ready because our Track and Gardens team have been working year round to perfect the grass of the famous Flemington Straight and the gorgeous flowers around the course. Breathe it in, savour the sweetness and take in that ‘freshly cut grass’ smell… until 3pm when you can literally see the turf flying under the thundering hooves of the fastest horses in the world. 

Avoid being labelled ‘bad neighbours’
At a BBQ your neighbours are likely to complain about the music volume, the cheering and general fun times. But your neighbours on the Front Lawn will probably end up being your best mates by the end of the day. 

Get up-close to the sporting heroes of spring
Watch these amazing creatures grace the course, visit them in the stables, watch them prepare in the Mounting Yard or stand trackside during a race and don’t blink – cause you’ll miss them as they speed past your very eyes. They are fast.  

Enjoy mouth-watering food
Bypass the snag in bread or the soggy potato salad for a foodies’ delight – from fine dining restaurants to Melbourne’s hottest new eateries in The Park. Despite what you think, you can’t cook a burger on your barbie as good as the boys from Easey’s and it’s as safe a bet as a Winx win that you’ve never been served a cheeseburger dumpling at your mates BBQ.

So ditch the backyard BBQ and grab yourself a general admission ticket to Lexus Melbourne Cup Day.