The track conditions at Flemington are vital to the outcome of the races.

We aim to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the track conditions and weather at Flemington:

What is a GoingStick?

Developed by Cranfield University (UK) and TurfTrax, the GoingStick measures a track’s penetration, being the amount of force required to push the tip of the Goingstick in to the surface, and the shear, which is the energy required to pull back to a 45 degree angle from the ground.

These two measures, when taken in combination, represent a scientifically-based proxy for the firmness of the ground and the level of traction experienced by a horse during a race.

What is a Penetrometer?

Originally developed in France, the penetrometer is a metal instrument used by racecourse officials to measure the track’s resistance to penetration by galloping thoroughbreds.

Replaced by the traditional 'going stick', the penetrometer was first used by Victorian metropolitan clubs in the mid-1980s to establish an official 'track rating' for the benefit of punters, trainers, jockeys, owners, media and officials.

How does the GoingStick differ from the Penetrometer?

The GoingStick measures penetration and shear, whereas the penetrometer only measures penetration.

The two forces combined provide a proxy for the forces that the horses hoof exerts when in contact with the turf. 

Additionally, the GoingStick records data electronically, so is faster and more efficient to use with less chance of user error.