Club Stand Build Diary July

A rainbow greets the pouring of the first section of the ground slab.

Club Stand Build Diary

The construction of the Club Stand has seen two milestones reached in the last week. Last Friday, 14 July, the first section of the ground floor concrete slab was poured on the north side (Betting Ring) completing the Lobby, Cloak Room, Green Room and west escalators. The other milestone is the erection of the tower crane on site. The Hammerhead tower crane sits 60 metres above the ground and allows Multiplex to move materials all over the site. The crane is designed to move in the wind, so please be reassured if you do see the crane moving when no one is on site that it is designed to do so to ensure no unnecessary pressure is put onto the tower itself.

In addition, the following work will be completed over the next fortnight:

Week Commencing Monday 17 July

  • Strip formwork for the ground slab 
  • South ground beam installation
  • Preparation of second ground slab pour 
  • Services installation (hydraulic and electrical) 

Week Commencing Monday 24 July

  • Pour second ground slab 
  • Continuation of in ground services installation 

Club Stand Build Diary