When it comes to bedroom furniture, nothing compares to the carefully crafted sleep system from DeRucci. 

One of the world’s top 10 bedding brands, DeRucci are celebrating 10 years in Melbourne. Customize your healthy sleep system and choose DeRucci.

The fifth-generation TS Sleep System is jointly designed by DeRucci, French TRECA and The Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. It uses digital analysis to find the bedding tailor-made for customers based on their different weights, body shapes and pressure point distributions.

The core idea of the TS Sleep System is having “two different firmness in one mattress”. It’s likely that couples who share the same bed might not typically enjoy the same type of mattress. While one person may enjoy a softer mattress, the other might really favour a firm mattress. Therefore, partners can benefit from opting for a mattress with two different firmness levels.

To achieve this goal, first DeRucci uses the body data samples (height, weight, shoulder breadth and waistline) of one million persons collected from University of Leuven. Then, all data samples will be input to the database. In order to obtain accurate body measurements, we cooperate with Microsoft’s Kinect, an advanced sensor system, along with the body modelling tool embedded in the TS system.

Finally, we’ll match the body measurements obtained from the TS system with all data samples in the database. With over 95% matching rate, we can recommend mattresses with different firmness based on the result and provide a customized, personal sleeping experience to our Australian customers.

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