The Melbourne Cup Carnival is an out of this world combination of first-class racing, larger than life fashion, fun, and history that occupies an esteemed place in Australian culture.

Held over four iconic racedays, each offering something unique, from competitive racing and high fashion to the finest food, this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival is set to be the biggest yet.

Ticketing and admission queries

Where can I buy tickets? Can I buy tickets on the day? 

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is a fully ticketed event so you must buy a ticket before you get to Flemington. We advise that you book early to avoid disappointment. 

Tickets are available from Ticketek. Find out what options are available, as well as prices and booking details.  

General Admission tickets can also be purchased from the following train stations prior to Melbourne Cup Carnival:

  • Flinders Street
  • Southern Cross 
  • North Melbourne
  • South Yarra
  • Richmond
  • Essendon
  • Werribee

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is an outdoor event and some ticketing options are open to the weather. We urge you to dress appropriately and bring along the required protection e.g. sunscreen and wet-weather gear, keeping in mind the dress regulations.

I’ve lost my ticket. What should I do? 

Replacement tickets may be issued at the Victoria Racing Club’s discretion. Charges apply. 

What time do the restaurants and marquees open? 

The restaurants and marquees open one hour before the first race. 

What can I bring into Flemington? 

What you can bring into Flemington depends on which areas your ticket allows you entry to. Make sure you read our Terms & Conditions carefully before arriving to Flemington. 

No alcohol can be brought through the turnstiles into the racecourse. The only exception is within Members' Reserved Car Parks - The Domain, The Nursery and The Rails (conditions apply). Alcohol can be purchased in all dining facilities and at retail bar outlets located in both the Members and public areas of the racecourse. Bag checks will be conducted by security at points of entry.

Anything that is considered dangerous including glasswear and knives will also not be permitted. 

Why do I need a wristband? 

Proof-of-age wristbands will be required for all people purchasing alcohol. Wristbanding marquees will be located at turnstile and bar entry points. Proof-of-age ID must be presented. Presentation of misleading identification is an offence and offending racegoers will be removed from the racecourse. Racegoers must be 18 years of age or older to purchase alcohol. Alcohol must not be purchased on behalf of underage patrons.

Access to corporate enclosures and marquees will only be granted to those guests wearing the applicable wristband for that area.  

Can I leave the racecourse and come back in?

Yes you can, but make sure you scan your ticket to exit at the turnstiles as you leave the racecourse. 

What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

VRC Members and visitors to Members’ areas must abide by the dress regulations as outlined on our What to Wear web page. 

There is no formal dress code for General Admission, however racegoers are encouraged to dress for a smart occasion. 

Free entertainment

Where can I see live entertainment during The Melbourne Cup Carnival?

The Park - located on the hill, adjacent to the train station, The Park is the newest addition to The Melbourne Cup Carnival. It’s fun, exciting, unexpected, carefree, fashionable and a little bit fabulous. Featuring live entertainment, Myer Fashions on the Field, Emirates Stakes Day Fashions on the Field and more.  Best of all, entry to The Park is free for all Melbourne Cup Carnival ticket holders.

James Boag’s Premium Celebration Deck-  is a true premium experience in General Admission and the feature venue of the West Lawn precinct during the Melbourne Cup Carnival. It offers one of the best vantage points on course with a fantastic view of the winning post, plus music and entertainment.

Schweppes Flemington Fling Bar - located on Level 1 of the Hill Stand, The Schweppes Flemington Fling Bar is without a doubt the place to meet your friends if it’s cocktails, DJs and excitement you’re after this spring. 

Navigating the racecourse

Where do I find information on the day? 

Information staff dressed in gold attire will be located at all turnstiles and throughout the racecourse to assist with any questions you may have.

How do I find my way around the racecourse?

Enhance your 2016 Melbourne Cup Carnival experience by downloading the Flemington Official Raceday Guide mobile app for iPhone or Android before you arrive on-course. It’s the perfect partner for your race day, helping you:

  • Find your way – search the Racecourse map for amenities, entertainment, bars, dining and betting facilities across the racecourse
  • Plan your day – Select events from the Calendar to add to your planner to organise your day and receive alerts so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Find out What’s On – See what’s happening each raceday from each race to events & entertainment
  • View Transport Times – See the train and tram times from Flemington Racecourse
  • Stream Video Live – Connect to Flemington FREE wifi when you’re on course to stream up to four channels of live video and selected highlights, putting you in the box seat.
  • Racing Field & Odds – Get the field and odds for every Flemington race (iPhone only)
  • Flemington Social Feed – Be the first to know what’s happening on-course from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (iPhone only)

You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Melbourne Cup Carnival racecourse map

Buying a racebook

A racebook is a useful guide for the day's racing. It includes the times of each race, details of the horses, trainers and jockeys, plus a map of the course and other useful information. 

Outlets are situated at the main turnstiles and around the course.

Racebooks can be purchased the day prior from select newsagencies within the Melbourne CBD and from the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) offices.

They can also be purchased from Federation Square on the day of the respective racemeeting and at the Emirates Melbourne Cup Parade.

Where to see the horses
If you’re new to racing and to Flemington, here are some tips to help you find the best places to see the horses and see them race. 
  • Parade Ring: Racegoers can view horses at rest in their stall, being saddled up for their race, and briefly being paraded before entering tunnel to the Mounting Yard.
  • Mounting Yard: Racegoers can view horses being paraded at length in saddlecloth order, both before and after being mounted by riders, before they are then taken onto the track and to the starting barriers.
Many options on course give you spectacular views of the track, including reserved grandstand seating, restaurants, corporate marquees, private boxes and enclosures.

Make sure you view all the options in our Dining & Hospitality section of the website to find the best option for you.

Studying the field

Where can I find the race times and racing information?

We recommend you check the particular raceday web page via our Racing & Events calendar. Race times are usually confirmed one month before each raceday. 

Updates on the race conditions and nominated fields for Carnival racedays are available on the Race dates and conditions web page. This will give you an idea about the standard of racing, the prize money and the times of each race. The races are ranked in order of importance: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, listed and handicapped. The higher the rating of the race, the greater the prize money. Once you arrive on course, you can find all this information in the racebook. 

You can find results and replays of past racedays via's Racing calendar.

Racecourse amenities and facilities

Is there wifi at Flemington?

Yes, free wifi is available on-course. Connect to 'Flemington wifi' after accepting the terms and conditions to gain full access. Download the Flemington Official Raceday Guide mobile app from the App Store or Google Play to access live racing and replays, only available on course through Flemington wifi.

Where can I charge my phone?

EzyCharge recharge stations will be operating in the following public areas during Carnival, suitable for both Apple and Android devices (and some cameras):

  • 2 x Ground level of Hill Stand
  • Level 1 Hill Stand
  • Level 2 Hill Stand
  • Level 3 Hill Stand (near walkway to restaurants)
  • 2 x The Undercroft
  • 1 x Club Bar, opposite public Betting Ring.

Please note this free stations are not secure - customers are encouraged to plug in, restore some battery life to their phone and move on to allow access for the next customer.

Where are ATMs and EFTPOS facilities at Flemington?

ATMs are situated at various locations on course for both the public and Members.

Public areas:

  • Outside Flemington Heritage Centre, Betting Ring East (ATM)
  • Grandstand Ground (Eftpos/ATM)
  • Hill Stand 1st Floor (Eftpos)
  • Outside The Precinct Fence Line (ATM)
  • Outside Elms Trackside Fence (ATM)

Members’ areas:

  • Western entry, Nursery Enclosure Car Park (ATM)
  • Nursery Enclosure Central at Rotunda (Eftpos)
  • Rails Enclosure East (ATM)
  • Birdcage Enclosure (ATM)
  • The Grandstand Forum (Level 1) East (ATM)
  • The Grandstand Forum (Level 1) West (2 x ATMs)
  • The Grandstand View (Level 4) West (ATM)
  • Tote Windows, opposite Champagne Bar (Eftpos)
  • Members Car Park, outside Phar Lap Marquee (ATM)

Is there a cloakroom on course?

Public and Members' cloakrooms are available for cloaking of items on all racedays of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. There is no charge for this service.

Public cloakrooms:

  • Northeast corner of Betting Ring
  • Hill Stand Level 1
  • Terrace Restaurant

Members’ cloakrooms:

  • Committee Room (Committee Guests only)
  • The Grandstand, Forum Level, east end, opposite lifts
  • The Grandstand, Forum level, west end, opposite escalators 
  • Chairman’s Club (Guests only)
  • Ground Floor, Old Members’ Stand (Ladies and Gentlemen)
  • Ground Floor, Old Members’ Stand (Ladies Rest Room)
  • First Floor Members’ Stand (Ladies Rest Room)

Make sure that you collect your cloaked items at the conclusion of the raceday. Unclaimed items will be available for collection between 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday, or on racedays. 

Unclaimed items will be stored for a period of 30 days only after which time they will be discarded. Contact Customer Service on 1300 727 575 with any queries.

Are there any lockers on course?

There are no lockers on course, however we do have cloakrooms available. 

Southern Cross Station, Spencer Street, in Melbourne CBD has lockers available for use.

Can I smoke cigarettes or cigars at Flemington, and where can I buy them on course?

Smoking is not permitted within occupied building areas, or any indoor areas, including all marquees. 

You can purchase cigarettes and cigars on-course from selected bars.

Public areas:

  • Betting Ring Central – Bernborough Club Bar
  • Hill Stand Level 1 – Hill Bar 
  • Undercroft Central

Members’ areas:

  • The Grandstand Forum – Forum Bar
  • Old Members Ground Floor – Long Bar
Bringing children to the races

I have a small child. What facilities are available on course?

Parenting facilities are available in both the public and Members’ areas.

Public areas:

  • Feeding area and Ladies toilet at eastern end of Betting Ring
  • Parenting facilities and ladies toilet at western end of Betting Ring
  • Parenting facilities, 1st floor Hill Stand (Parents Room)

Members’ areas:

  • Ladies’ toilets, ground floor of Members’ Old Grandstand, near Members’ Dining Room
  • The Forum , Level 1 of The Grandstand, western foyer
Placing a bet
There are several ways you can place a bet at Flemington:
  • with a bookmaker
  • through TAB on course and online (Tabaret and 'The Tote').

Bookmakers can be found in a variety of locations on course. We recommend that you check the racebook for their locations, names and stand numbers.

Betting with a bookmaker

Win   When you back a horse to Win, you win if your horse finishes first.
Place When you back a horse for a Place, you win if your horse finishes first, second or third. There is no collect for third place if there are less than eight runners (except late scratchings). If there is less than three runners, there is no place betting.
Each Way 
 When you back a horse Each Way, you collect if your horse wins or runs a place. For Each Way betting bookmakers pay 1/4 of the win odds for a place if there are eight or more runners and 1/3 of the win odds if there are between three and seven runners. There is no collect for third place if there are less than eight runners (except late scratchings) where deductions could apply. If there is fewer than three runners, there is no place.
Bookmakers also offer Win/Place betting which is displayed similarly to TAB approximate dividends for each runner in a race. Win/Place betting is the fixed odds displayed on the bookmaker's board, for example $3 Win, $1.60 Place, therefore a bet of $10 Win and $10 Place would return $46 if the horse won the race or $16 if the horse finished second or third in a race of eight or more starters. The Each Way rules do not apply to bookmakers betting Win/Place.
When you back a horse Concession, you win if your horse finishes first, and the amount you bet is returned in full if your horse finishes second or third. However, there is no collect for third place if there are less than eight runners (except late scratchings). Concession betting requires a field of at least three runners.
 Four Place 
 To win a Four Place bet, you select a horse in four separate races to run a place.
 Multiple Doubles 
 To win a Multiple Doubles bet, you select two horses and multiply the odds on offer, and both horses must win.

Don't forget to carefully check your tickets before leaving the bookmaker's stand and do not discard tickets until correct weight has been declared.

In the event of a late scratching/s your ticket may be subject to deductions ordered by the Stewards.

Betting with the TAB at the track

Win   When you back a horse to Win, you win if your horse finishes first.
Place When you back a horse for a Place, you win if your horse finishes first, second or third. There is no collect for third place if there are less than eight runners (except late scratchings). If there is less than three runners, there is no place betting.
To win in Quinella wagering, you must pick the two horses finishing first and second in either order. Operates on all races.
To win in Exacta wagering, you must pick the two horses finishing first and second in exact order.
To win the Trifecta, you must pick the three horses finishing first, second and third in judges' order.
  First 4 
To win the First 4, you must pick the four horses finishing first, second, third and fourth in judges' order.
 Daily Double 
 To win a Daily Double bet, you must pick the winners of two designated races.
 Running Double 
 To win a Running Double, you must pick the winners of two consecutive races.
 All-Up (win) 
 To win an All-Up win bet, you must pick two or more winners at the same venue.
 All-Up (place)
  To win an All-Up place bet, you must pick two or more placegetters at the same venue.
 To win a Quaddie, you must pick the winners of four designated races. 

The official Emirates Melbourne Cup betting provider is Tabcorp and TAB.

The TAB provides totalisator betting (often referred to as 'The Tote') for all races and has many bet types to choose from. Totalisator betting means that all punters are betting into a pool, and the pool is divided among all the successful bets. This is why the dividend/price for your runner changes up until the race jumps.


Flemington racecourse offers a range of facilities during Melbourne Cup Carnival for those with limited mobility and special needs.

Plan your visit with the mobility impaired accessibility guide