A complete guide for every racegoer to plan the perfect race day at the 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival.

What time do gates open?

 During the Melbourne Cup Carnival access to Flemington Racecourse and key open times vary each race day. Please see open times below:

  AAMI Victoria Derby Day  Lexus Melbourne Cup Day  Kennedy Oaks Day  Seppelt Wines Stakes Day 
Members Drive & Flemington Drive Open   7:30am  7:30am  9:00am  9:00am
Centre Car Park Opens   7:30am  7:30am  9:00am  9:00am
Turnstiles Open   8:30am  8:30am 11:00am  10:15am

Dining, Enclosures and Corporate Hospitality venue opening hours
We recommend prompt arrival to ensure that you receive the full benefit of your package. All dining and hospitality venues open an hour before the first race at Flemington and close an hour after the last race. Beverage service commences from venue opening and concludes half an hour after the last. For more information please refer to your booking confirmation or contact Customer Service on 1300 727 575.

What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

VRC members and guests entering the Members Enclosure at Flemington are required to adhere to the Members Enclosure dress regulations, to find out more click here.

Dining Enclosures and Corporate Hospitality areas also require visitors to adhere to a dress code, to find out more click here.

There's no formal dress code for General Admission, however racegoers are encouraged to dress for a smart occasion. Each day also has its own dress theme, to find out more click here.

What time are the races?

AAMI Victoria Derby Day

Race Number  Time Race Name
11:45am  Race 1 
2 12:20pm Race 2 
1:00pm  Race 3 
1:40pm  Race 4 
2:20pm  Race 5 
3:00pm  Race 6 
3:45pm  AAMI Victoria Derby          
4:35pm  Race 8 
5:15pm  Race 9 

Form more information about AAMI Victoria Derby Day click here.


Lexus Melbourne Cup Day

Race Number  Time Race Name
11:00am  Race 1 
2 11:35am Race 2 
12:10pm  Race 3 
12:45pm  Race 4 
1:20pm  Race 5 
1:55pm  Race 6 
3:00pm  Lexus Melbourne Cup         
4:00pm  Race 8 
4:40pm  Race 9 
10  5:15pm  Race 10 

For more information about Lexus Melbourne Cup Day click here.

Kennedy Oaks Day

Race Number Time Race Name
1 1:50pm Race 1 
2 2:20pm Race 2 
3 2:55pm Race 3 
4 3:30pm Race 4 
5 4:05pm Race 5 
6 4:40pm Race 6 
7 5:15pm Race 7
8 5:50pm Kennedy Oaks                    
9 6:25pm Race 9 

For more information about Kennedy Oaks Day click here.

Seppelt Wines Stakes Day

Race Number  Time Race Name
12:15pm  Race 1 
2 12:50pm Race 2 
1:30pm  Race 3 
2:10pm  Race 4 
2:50pm  Race 5 
3:30pm  Race 6 
4:10pm  Race 7
4:55pm  Seppelt Mackinnon Stakes
5:45pm  Race 9 

For more information about Seppelt Wines Stakes Day click here.

What transport and parking options are available at Flemington?

All transportation information during the Melbourne Cup Carnival including public transport, parking options, taxis, ubers, helicopter hire and vehicle access can be found here.

Is there a map I can use to find my way around on the day?

The below maps can be used to assist racegoers in navigating the course and locating Restaurants, Marquees and Enclosures during the 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival, alternatively download the mobile app before arriving on course to access an interactive map and schedule of events. You can download that app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Flemington Racecourse Map

Restaurants, Enclosures and Corporate Marquees Location Maps

Members Dining Map

Members Car Parks Maps

What can I bring to Flemington? Are there any prohibited items?

What you can bring into Flemington depends on which areas your ticket allows you entry to. Make sure you read our terms & conditions for the ticket you have purchased carefully before arriving to Flemington. 

No alcohol can be brought through the turnstiles into the racecourse. The only exception is within Members' Reserved Car Parks - The Domain, The Nursery and The Rails (conditions apply). Alcohol can be purchased in all dining facilities and at retail bar outlets located in both the Members and public areas of the racecourse. Bag checks will be conducted by security at points of entry.

Anything that is considered dangerous including glasswear and knives will also not be permitted. Please see below full list of prohibited items as outlined in the Conditions of Entry for Flemington Racecourse.

For the comfort and safety of persons at the Course, You are not permitted to bring into the Course (or have in your possession at the Course) any of the following without the written consent of VRC:

  • alcoholic beverages, glass containers or open beverage containers;
  • any structure or item that may be used to erect a structure (including without limitation ‘market’ or ‘beach’ umbrellas or similar large umbrellas, portable shade structures or gazebos), or which is capable of supporting the weight of a person, such as any chairs, lounges, benches or stools (other than a folding fabric chair or folding fabric stool);
  • prohibited weapons or controlled weapons within the meaning of the Control of Weapons Act 1990 (Vic) whose possession would constitute an offence under that Act or articles capable of being used as weapons or anything which may be used in a way which adversely affects the safety of persons at the Course, damages property or interferes with the comfort of persons at the Course or with their enjoyment of any Event;
  • any object that could be used to distract, hinder or interfere with any animal or person taking part in an Event, or disrupt, interrupt or behave in any manner that may disrupt or interrupt any Event, whether intentionally or otherwise, such as a laser pointer device (or a device incorporating a laser pointer) or a drone;
  • any animals (other than, if the person is blind, deaf or otherwise suffering a disability, a guide dog);
  • any flags larger than 1 metre x 1 metre or with handles longer than 1 metre or any banner;
  • any whistle, loud hailer, public address system, electronic or other broadcast device or any device which may interfere with electronic or radio communications or broadcasting signals or equipment used by VRC or other persons authorised by VRC in connection with an Event; (h) any fireworks, flares or distress signals;
  • any item that You intend (or such quantities of the item from which VRC can reasonably infer that You intend) to distribute, hawk, sell, offer or expose for sale;
  • any dangerous goods (as that term is defined in section 3(1) of the Dangerous Goods Act 1985 (Vic))
  • any object, device or substance that may be used to deface or damage any part of the Course, such as any spray paint or permanent markers;
  • any torn-up or shredded paper, confetti, rice, streamers or similar items;
  • on the Course (excluding the Car Park), any vehicle or transportation device, such as any motorcar, motorcycle, motor scooter, bicycle, scooter, skateboard, roller skates or roller blades, but not including any wheelchair or similar apparatus which You require as a result of a disability or impairment;
  • in a Car Park, any unregistered road vehicle(including a scooter) and any skateboard, roller skates or roller blades (or similar items);
  • any ball or other item of sporting equipment; or
  • any item (such as any article of clothing, poster or sign) bearing any image, slogan or text which is indecent, discriminatory, obscene, insulting or threatening or which may be offensive to other persons present at the Course (as determined by VRC in its sole discretion).
How do I place a bet?
There are several ways you can place a bet at Flemington:
  • with a bookmaker
  • through TAB on course and online (Tabaret and 'The Tote').

Bookmakers can be found in a variety of locations on course. We recommend that you check the racebook for their locations, names and stand numbers.

Betting with a bookmaker

Win   When you back a horse to Win, you win if your horse finishes first.
Place When you back a horse for a Place, you win if your horse finishes first, second or third. There is no collect for third place if there are less than eight runners (except late scratchings). If there is less than three runners, there is no place betting.
Each Way 
 When you back a horse Each Way, you collect if your horse wins or runs a place. For Each Way betting bookmakers pay 1/4 of the win odds for a place if there are eight or more runners and 1/3 of the win odds if there are between three and seven runners. There is no collect for third place if there are less than eight runners (except late scratchings) where deductions could apply. If there is fewer than three runners, there is no place.
Bookmakers also offer Win/Place betting which is displayed similarly to TAB approximate dividends for each runner in a race. Win/Place betting is the fixed odds displayed on the bookmaker's board, for example $3 Win, $1.60 Place, therefore a bet of $10 Win and $10 Place would return $46 if the horse won the race or $16 if the horse finished second or third in a race of eight or more starters. The Each Way rules do not apply to bookmakers betting Win/Place.
When you back a horse Concession, you win if your horse finishes first, and the amount you bet is returned in full if your horse finishes second or third. However, there is no collect for third place if there are less than eight runners (except late scratchings). Concession betting requires a field of at least three runners.
 Four Place 
 To win a Four Place bet, you select a horse in four separate races to run a place.
 Multiple Doubles 
 To win a Multiple Doubles bet, you select two horses and multiply the odds on offer, and both horses must win.

Don't forget to carefully check your tickets before leaving the bookmaker's stand and do not discard tickets until correct weight has been declared.

In the event of a late scratching/s your ticket may be subject to deductions ordered by the Stewards.

Betting with the TAB at the track

Win   When you back a horse to Win, you win if your horse finishes first.
Place When you back a horse for a Place, you win if your horse finishes first, second or third. There is no collect for third place if there are less than eight runners (except late scratchings). If there is less than three runners, there is no place betting.
To win in Quinella wagering, you must pick the two horses finishing first and second in either order. Operates on all races.
To win in Exacta wagering, you must pick the two horses finishing first and second in exact order.
To win the Trifecta, you must pick the three horses finishing first, second and third in judges' order.
  First 4 
To win the First 4, you must pick the four horses finishing first, second, third and fourth in judges' order.
 Daily Double 
 To win a Daily Double bet, you must pick the winners of two designated races.
 Running Double 
 To win a Running Double, you must pick the winners of two consecutive races.
 All-Up (win) 
 To win an All-Up win bet, you must pick two or more winners at the same venue.
 All-Up (place)
  To win an All-Up place bet, you must pick two or more placegetters at the same venue.
 To win a Quaddie, you must pick the winners of four designated races. 

The official Lexus Melbourne Cup betting provider is Tabcorp and TAB.

The TAB provides totalisator betting (often referred to as 'The Tote') for all races and has many bet types to choose from. Totalisator betting means that all punters are betting into a pool, and the pool is divided among all the successful bets. This is why the dividend/price for your runner changes up until the race jumps.

Where can I place a bet with a bookmaker?

On Lexus Melbourne Cup Day, many of the Melbourne Bookmakers will start working on the feature race at 9.30am to allow the public to bet early and avoid the rush.

The names and the stand numbers of the Bookmakers will be listed in the front of the Racebook each day.

Bookmaker Locations

The following is a breakdown of the Bookmaker locations for all four days of the Carnival.

  • The Nursery
  • The Rails 
  • The Birdcage 
  • The Domain
  • Members Front Lawn
  • The Grandstand (all Levels)
  • The Club Stand 1st and 2nd Floor

Dining Restaurants, Marquees & Ticketed Enclosures

  • Parade Lounge
  • The Birdcage
  • The Terrace Restaurant
  • Trackside Private Marquees
  • Elms Enclosure/ P&O Enclosure
  • Makybe Diva Marquee
  • Winning Post Enclosure
  • The Rose Room
  • The Furphy Deck
  • Home Straight Enclosure


  • Public Lawn Central
  • The Main Betting Ring
  • The Hill Stand 1st Floor
  • The Hill Stand 2nd Floor
  • The Hill Stand 3rd Floor
  • Hill Square
  • Elms Betting Ring
Where are the totes located on course?

Totalisatior ('tote') betting is available on course for all races. Totalisator betting means that all punter are betting into a pool - which is why each runner's dividen/price will change up until the race jumps - and the pool is divided among all the successful bets.

Race Day
Tote Open Time 
 AAMI Victoria Derby Day  10:20am
 Lexus Melbourne Cup Day  9:20am
 Kennedy Oaks Day  11:20am
 Seppelt Wine Stakes Day  11:20am

 TAB Tote facilities can be found at the following locations.


  • Horse Stalls
  • Betting Ring
  • The Lawn Stand West
  • The Lawn Stand Central
  • The Lawn Stand East
  • The Hill Stand Ground - East and West
  • The Hill Stand Level 2 - Island Tote
  • Hill Square
  • The Park
  • The Rails


  • The Grandstand Level 1 - The Forum
  • The Grandstand Level 4 - The View
  • The Grandstand Level 3 - Chairman's Club
  • The Club Stand - Ground Floor, Level 1,2,3 & 4 (Roof Garden)

Restaurant, Marquees & Enclosures

All venues have betting facilities within close proximity. Please refer to the package inclusions for each dining product to know what betting facilities are available.

  • The Birdcage
  • The Domain
  • The Nursery
  • P&O Enclosure
Where can I purchase a Racebook on course?

Racebook sellers are located at all entrances. They can also be purchased from The Forum cloak room, and in The Club
Stand, on Ground Floor and Level One.

Prices for the Racebook vary on each day. Please see pricing below.

Race Day Racebook Price
 AAMI Victoria Derby Day  $8
 Lexus Melbourne Cup Day  $8 
 Kennedy Oaks Day  $6
 Seppelt Wines Stakes Day  $6
Where can I purchase cigarettes on course?

You can purchase cigarettes and cigar on course from selected bars.


  • The Betting Ring
  • Jim Beam Black Bar
  • Headquarters Tavern Gaming Area 
  • Hill Bar, Level 1, The Hill Stand
  • Saintly Place Central 
  • The Grandstand, Level 1, The Forum


  • The Grandstand – Forum Bar
Where can I smoke on course?

As a result of changes to the Victorian Government Smoking legislation, the VRC’s smoking policy now includes designated smoking areas. The designated areas suitable for smoking are marked with clearly visible signage. All other spaces across the racecourse are non-smoking, with the exception of The Front Lawn, The Parade Ring, Crabapple Lane and the Unreserved car parks.

Please be aware that we will be maintaining both smoking and non-smoking spaces and asking patrons to comply with Victorian laws.

Smoking areas for MCC 2019:  

  • The Front Lawn, The Parade Ring, Crabapple Lane and Unreserved car parks are all smoking areas – customers may smoke freely in these areas. 
  • The Birdcage is a non-smoking area. Customers must exit to Crabapple Lane, The Parade Ring or cross the gantry to the Members Unreserved Car Park to enter a designated smoking area. 
  • The Park is a non-smoking area. Customers must go to one of the two designated smoking areas in Hill Square to smoke. 
  • The Precinct is a non-smoking area. Customers must go to The Front Lawn or Crabapple Lane to smoke. 
  • The Club Stand Betting Ring and Members Lawn are non-smoking areas. If Members in the Club Stand would like to smoke, they may cross the link bridge on level 1 behind the Mumm Champagne Bar to the top of The Parade Ring or go to the Public Betting Ring Designated Smoking Area or The Front Lawn.
  • Members in The Grandstand may exit to the designated smoking area on Hill Road, in the white hut or on the hill of Hill Square, near Hill Gate entrance.

Locations with Designated Smoking Areas: Please look for the designated smoking area signage. 

  • The Nursery – one is located near the main entrance, underneath the super screen and the other is adjacent to the central TAB tote rotunda. 
  • The Rails – the designated smoking area is located under the super screen at the east end of The Rails, or customers may exit to Crabapple Lane.
  • The Domain – located under the super screen, just outside the gates on the train platform side of the Domain. 
  • The Public Betting Ring – on the Eastern end of the Betting Ring.
  • Hill Square – One is located to the West of Hill Square, near the toilets, the other on the hill, near Hill Gate Entrance.
  • Winning Post – located at the rear of the Winning Post marquee. 
  • Trackside - two locations, one to the rear of the small Trackside Marquees, the other between the small and large Trackside marquees. 
  • The Club Stand members Parade Ring – Via the link bridge on level 1 behind the Mumm Champagne Bar
  • Members Unreserved Car Park – adjacent to the Birdcage gantry 

Can I bring my own alcohol on course?

Racegoers are not permitted to bring any form of alcohol through the turnstiles into the racecourse. Exceptions currently apply to The Domain, The Nursery and The Rails. Authorised Attendants of the Club are permitted to inspect bags and containers as a condition of entry. 

Where can I see the horses? 

If you’re new to racing and to Flemington, here are some tips to help patrons find the best places to see the horses and see them race.

Parade Ring: Racegoers can view horses at rest in their stall, being saddled up for their race, and briefly being paraded before entering tunnel to the Mounting Yard.

Mounting Yard: Racegoers can view horses being paraded at length in saddlecloth order, both before and after being mounted by riders, before they are then taken onto the track and to the starting barriers (note only accredited people can enter the Mounting Yard).

The Front Lawn: The heart of the action at Flemington, the Front Lawn stretches from the Parade Ring right down to The Elms and is open to all racegoers. With prime positions for race views along the rails and pop-up bars and food trucks, it’s the perfect spot to place down a picnic rug and enjoy the excitement of every race. 

View the Melbourne Cup Carnival Map (PDF)

Where can I purchase a Pin & Win 2019 Lexus Melbourne Cup lapel pin?

The 2019 Lexus Melbourne Cup lapel pin can be purchased from roving volunteer sellers, at Victorian ALH venues via the Flemington online shop or online via Ticketek when purchasing Melbourne Cup Carnival tickets. Vouchers issued by Ticketek can be redeemed via any Very Special Kids roving seller. 

Lapel Pins are just $5 or $10 for the special Diamante pin.

Proceeds will support the 2019 Pin & Win charity partner, Very Special Kids. 

For more information about Very Special Kids and the Pin & Win Competition please click here.

Is there a mobile app I can use to help plan my day at Flemington? 

Enhance your race day experience by downloading the Flemington Race Day Guide mobile app for iPhone or Android before you arrive on-course. It’s the perfect partner for your race day, helping you:

  • Welcome to Flemington – Explore the best of what's on offer at Flemington, including on-course experiences, events, locations and social updated.
  • Find Your Way Around – Search the location map to find bars, dining and entertainment, betting facilities and amenities across the racecourse. Ensure you connect to wifi for greater accuracy.
  • Plan Your Day – Select events from What's On and add to you planner to organise your day.
  • Racing Form & Field – View races, field information, including betting odds. You can even save your favourite runners in each race.
  • View Transport Times – See the train and tram times from Flemington Racecourse
  • More - Plan your day at Flemington by viewing live transport times. Connect to Flemington FREE Wifi and watch up to 4 channels of live videos and highlights.

You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Can I purchase newspapers on course?

Herald Sun newspaper will be distributed for racegoers on the four race days in the Corporate and Sponsorhip areas located at:

  • The Birdcage
  • Winning Post Enclosure
  • Trackside Private Marquees
  • The Rose Room
Can I purchase sunscreen on course?

Sunscreen is available for purchase by racegoers from the merchandise outlets throughout the racecourse as well as First Aid locations.

Can I purchase a wet weather poncho?

A limited number of wet weather ponchos are available for purchase by racegoers from the Merchandise Outlets throughout the racecourse.

Where can I purchase Melbourne Cup Carnival Official Merchandise?

The 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival Official Merchandise can be purchased from the Flemington Shop (adjacent to the main entrance), The Breezeway, The Elms, The Winning Post, The Nursery and roving sellers all four days of the Carnival. Alternatively, order online here.

Can I take photos on course and are there any photography restrictions?

As outlined in the terms and condition for Ticketing and Conditions of Entry for Flemington Racecourse the following photography guidelines and restriction apply.

Patrons may:

  • Take photographs and videos with their phones or cameras for personal use only.

Patrons may not:

  • Take photographs or videos for commercial use without media accreditation.
  • Carry equipment that we reasonably believe to be for commercial photography or videography. As a general guide this includes:
  1. Long telephoto lenses;
  2. Shoulder-mounted (TV style) video cameras;
  3. More than a small kit bag's worth of equipment; and
  4. Camera tripods.
  • Do anything else prohibited under clause 9 of our conditions of entry.Our conditions of entry also prohibit certain types of behaviour that may relate to photography. These include:
  1. Offering to take someone's photo for a fee or other commercial gain - 6.9(e)
  2. Blocking a thoroughfare - 6.9(g)
  3. Interfering with the comfort of other persons at the course (such as taking photos without their consent) - 6.9(j)
  4. For further information please view the Ticketing and Conditions of Entry for Flemington Racecourse (PDF).
What areas are restricted for those under 18 years of age?

View specific venue access for under 18 years table (PDF)

Who can enter the Restaurants, Marquees and Corporate Enclosures?

Access to Corporate Enclosures/Marquees will only be granted to those guests wearing the applicable wristband.

  • Wristbands MUST be worn on the wrist at ALL times
  • Wristbands MUST be intact and fitted so removal from the wrist is not possible
  • Wristbands that are not fitted correctly are to be removed and replaced in the presence of security or event staff
  • Wristbands are non-transferable
I have lost my Corporate wristband, what should I do?

In the event of a misplaced corporate wristband, a replacement one will be issued under the following conditions:

  • A statutory declaration needs to be signed stating the exact wristband number/s
  • A $60 replacement fee is paid per wristband
  • The client is responsible for the collection of replacement wristbands

Replacement wristbands on race days can be collected from the entrance of the Trackside Enclosure and Winning Post Enclosure. Please note that guest/s will be liable for the general admission charge to enter the racecourse.

Where do I get a Proof of Age Wristband from?

Proof of age wristbands will be required for all patrons who wish to purchase alcohol who are deemed to be 25 years or age or under. Proof of age wristband marquees will be positioned near all entry points and strategic positions throughout the racecourse. Presentation of misleading identification is an offence and offending racegoers will be removed from the racecourse. Racegoers must be 18 years or older to purchase alcohol. Alcohol must not be purchased on behalf of underage racegoers.

I have a young child where can I get a Young Child Wristband from?

Racegoers who attend with small children have the ability to place a wristband with the guardian/parents name and mobile number to assist in reconciliation if the child becomes lost.

These wristbands are available from entrances and wristbanding booths.

What time do the Restaurants, Enclosures, Marquees and Corporate Hospitality venues open?

Please see below key times for all Restaurants, Enclosures, Marquees and Corporate Hospitality venues. We recommend prompt arrival to ensure that you receive the full benefit of your package.


AAMI Victoria Derby Day

Lexus Melbourne Cup Day

Kennedy Oaks Day

Seppelt Wines Stakes Day

Marquee/Restaurant Opens  10:45am 10:00am 12:00pm 11:15am
First Race  11:45am 11:00am 1:50pm 12:15pm
Last Race  5:15pm 5:15pm 6:25pm 5:45pm
Bar Closes  5:45pm 5:45pm 6:55pm 6:15pm
Marquee/Restaurant Closes  6:15pm 6:15pm 7:25pm 6:45pm
Who can go into the Committee Room?

The Committee Room is strictly for VRC directors and invited guests only. The Committee Room is located on Level 1 of The Grandstand

Who can enter the VRC Members Enclosures and Car Parks?

All eligible Members* must be in possession of their current Membership Card, Guest Pass or Members Daily ticket in order to access all or any of the Members Enclosures.

 Members Guests may gain access to Members Reserved Car Parks with a Pedestrian Pass, Guest Pass or Members Daily Ticket.

It is necessary to scan the card on entry to AND exit from the enclosure each time. If the card is not correctly scanned on exit further access to Members Enclosures will be refused.

*View the Membership Access Grid to view which Memberships are eligible to enter each of the Members areas during the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Are Members Reciprocal Ticketing arrangements offered during the Melbourne Cup Carnival?

Due to COVID19 crowd limitations in place, unfortunately no reciprocal ticketing arrangements are available.

For more information please contact Customer Service on 1300 727 575 prior to the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Is there any seating available to the public on each of the race days?

No unreserved seating is available on the day, all tickets must be purchased in advance 

Can I leave the racecourse and come back in? Do I need a pass out?

Patrons can leave and re-enter the venue at any stage during the day, they just need to scan their ticket in when entering and out when exiting at all times. No pass outs are required.

What parent facilities are available on course?

Parenting facilities are available in both the public and members areas.

Public Areas

  • Feeding area and ladies toilets at eastern end of Betting Ring next to the Race Day and Ticketing Office
  • Parenting facilities and ladies toilet, at western end of Betting Ring
  • Parenting facilities at The Hill Stand, Level 1
  • Parenting facilities at the Furphy Deck

Members Areas

  • The Grandstand, Level 1, west end of Foyer (Parents Room)
  • The Nursery, next to toilets on Archer Blvd
  • The Club Stand, Level 1, near the cloak room
Is there a cloakroom on course?

Public and members cloakrooms are available for cloaking of items on all race days of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. There is no charge for this service.


  • The Betting Ring

Marquees & Restaurants

  • Parade Lounge
  • Terrace Restaurant (guests only)
  • Skyline Restaurant (guests only)
  • Panorama Restaurant (guests only)
  • The Rose Room (guests only)
  • Makybe Diva Marquee (guests only)


  • The Grandstand, Level 1
  • The Club Stand, Ground Floor, west end
  • The Club Stand, Level 1, east end
  • Chairman’s Club (guests only)


Please note: Racegoers are encouraged to collect their cloaked items at the conclusion of the race day. At the end of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, any items not collected will be returned to a storage area at Flemington Racecourse Operations. Unclaimed items will be available for collection between the hours of 8:30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday, or from the Flemington Racecourse Operations Office, 448 Epsom Road, Flemington. Unclaimed items will  be stored for a period of 30 days only, after which time they will be discarded.

Are there lockers on course?

There are no lockers at Flemington, however we do have cloakrooms. Southern Cross Station located in the CBD on Spencer Street will have lockers available on the day if you need them.

Where are the toilets located?

Toilets are located in both public and member areas as well as Restaurants, Marquees and Packaged Enclosures.


  • The Park
  • Hill Square
  • Horse Stalls and Parade Ring
  • Main Betting East
  • Betting Ring Central
  • Heritage Centre
  • Public Lawn East
  • Saintly Place
  • Railway Precinct
  • Hill Precinct
  • Elms Betting RIng
  • Elms Turnstiles 
  • Centre Car Park

Accessible Toilets

  • Horse Stalls/Parade Ring
  • Flemington Heritage Centre
  • Betting Ring Eastern end
  • Hill Road - on Railway Platforms 1&2 (Platform 2 accessed from Hill Gate)
  • Eastern end of Breezway (female)
  • Western end of the Saintly Place - Hill Square - next to Fence Line
  • The Park
  • Elms Betting Ring - Male toilet nect to Breezway
  • Centre Car Park - located next to Jockey's Casualty
  • Headquarters Tavern - located at Hill Square


  • The Nursery
  • The Rails
  • The Birdcage
  • Members Unreserved Car Park
  • The Domain
  • The Grandstand, Levels 1,2,3 & 4
  • The Club Stand, Ground Floor, Levels 1, 2, 3 & The Roof Garden

Accessible Toilets

  • Nursery Car Park Enclosure
  • The Rails
  • The Birdcage
  • The Domain
  • The Grandstand, Levels 1,2,3 & 4
  • The Club Stand, Ground Floor, Levels 1, 2, 3 & The Roof Garden

Restaurants, Marquees & Packaged Enclosures

  • The Terrace Restaurant
  • Parade Lounge
  • The Precinct
  • Makybe Diva Marquee
  • Trackside Private Marquees
  • Winning Post Enlcosure
  • Home Straight Enclosure
  • The Rose Room

Accessible Toilets

  • Parade Lounge
  • The Terrace Restaurant
  • The Rose Room
  • The Precinct
  • TracksidePrivate Marquees
  • Makybe Diva Marquee
  • Winning Post Enclosure
  • Winning Post Enclosure
  • Home Straight Enclosure
Where are the EFTPOS/ATM facilities located?

Public Areas:

  • Breezeway (ATM)
  • Headquarters Tavern (ATM)
  • The Betting Ring: east end (ATM)
  • The Hill Stand, Level 1(ATM)
  • The Park (ATM)

Corporate and Packaged Enclosure Areas:

  • Home Straight Enclosure (ATM)
  • Winning Post Enclosure (ATM)
  • The Elms (ATM)
  • Birdcage Enclosure (ATM)
  • The Precinct (ATM)
  • Trackside Private Marquees (ATM)

Members Areas:

  • The Birdcage 
  • The Club Stand, Level 1: east and west end
  • The Club Stand, Level 3: west end
  • The Roof Garden, Level 4, The Club Stand: inside 
  • The Forum, Level 1, The Grandstand: east and west end     
  • The View, Level 4, The Grandstand   
  • The Nursery entrance            
  • The Nursery rotunda      
  • The Rails
Are there mobile charge stations on course?

Mobile charge stations are available in both Members and public areas throughout the course.


  • Saintly Place
  • The Hill Stand, Level 1
  • Race Day & Ticketing Office


  • The Atrium, Level 2, The Grandstand
  • The Club Stand, Cloak Room, Ground Floor and Level 1
  • The Forum, Level 1, The Grandstand
  • The View, Level 4, The Grandstand
  • The Domain
  • The Nursery
  • The Rails

Restaurants, Marquees & Corporate Enclosures

  • Winning Post Enclosure - Level 1 & 2
  • Trackside Private Marquees - Entry
  • The Parade Lounge
  • Show Pony Private Marquee
  • The Perch
  • The Hill Stand - Level 3 Foyer
  • Makybe Diva Marquee
  • The Rose Room
Is there WIFI at Flemington?

To improve the race day experience for racegoers and members, free WIFI is available at Flemington Racecourse. To connect, search for and select 'Flemington FREE wifi' on your device, open your web browser to view the VRC's terms and conditions, agree and then you are free to browse the internet, use mobile applications and access emails. The VRC may limit access to certain website and mobile applications.

The Flemington WIFI network is accessible throughout the indoor areas of The Hill Stand, The Club Stand and the Grandstand as well as the Betting Ring, Breezeway, Saintly Place and railway platforms.

Where can I find information once on course?

If you have a question on the day just find one of our staff or visit one of the information booths.

Information Staff (Purple Team)

Our friendly information staff dressed in purple polo t-shirts will be located at all entrance turnstiles and roaming around the racecourse to assist customers with any queries or directions.

Information Booths

During the Melbourne Cup Carnival information booths are open throughout the day.

  • Domain Nursery (Members Only)
  • The Rails (Members Only)
  • The Birdcage 
  • The Grandstand Ground - adjacent to Owners & Trainers Bar
  • The Grandstand, Forum Level East, opposite escalators (Members Only)
  • The Grandstand, Forum Level West, opposite escalators (Members Only)
  • The Hill Stand, Ground Level
Where should I go for lost and found items?

Lost and Found posts are situated in the main betting ring at the Police Van and at the Race Day & Ticketing Office.

Where can I receive medical assistance or first aid if I am injured or unwell? 

If you require medical assistance at any time at Flemington Racecourse please speak to the nearest Event Staff member or Security for assistance. During the Melbourne Cup Carnival the following medical facilities and services will be available on course:

First Aid

St Johns Ambulance will have First Aid posts located throughout the racecourse at the following locations.

  • Betting Ring East
  • The Hill Stand, Level 1
  • Members Unreserved Car Park, between The Nursery and Flemington Racecourse Operations Office.


Qualified Medical Practitioners are present on all race days.

Welfare Centre

The Welfare Centre situated between The Nursery and Flemington Racecourse Operations Office is dedicated to providing aid and supervision to racegoers who need some time to recover from any physical ailments ranging from mild sun stroke through to those under the influence.

I need to report an incident on the day, what should I do?

If you need assistance or want report an incident please speak to the nearest Event Staff, Customer Service member or Security.

Will there be police on course? Where will they be located?

Police will be present throughout the racecourse during Melbourne Cup Carnival. A police base can be found inside the Betting Ring.

What accessibility services are available on course?

For information on accessibility services available at Flemington Racecourse during the Melbourne Cup Carnival please click here.

Explore Melbourne

Here are our recommended places to visit in Melbourne:

Melbourne Cup Carnival Travel Packages

Here are our recommended travel agents and providers for booking and planning your trip to Melbourne and the Melbourne Cup Carnival: 

Melbourne Cup Carnival International Visitors Centre

The International Visitor Centre (IVC) has been designed for first time international visitors attending the Melbourne Cup Carnival. The Centre aims to provide overseas visitors with an introduction to each race day over the Melbourne Cup Carnival and ensure that visitors enjoy their race day experience to the fullest.  

The International Visitor Centre will be providing the below services in three languages.



Visitor Information and Programming

English, Mandarin and Japanese

Complementary Guided Tours

English, Mandarin and Japanese

Racing Tutorial

(basics on how to read the form guide)

English, Mandarin and Japanese


It is recommended to pre-book the free guided tour by emailing tourism@vrc.net.au to avoid disappointment.  


The International Visitor Centre will be located in between Hill Square and The Park. View the location map here, with the International Visitor Centre referenced at C2.

Complementary Guided Tours

To assist overseas visitors with navigating Flemington Racecourse over the Melbourne Cup Carnival, complimentary guided tours will be provided as per below schedule:

Date   Race Day  Language  Time   Duration 

 2 Nov 2018




 AAMI Victoria Derby Day







English, Mandarin






60 mins per tour

Comfortable walking shoes recommended



 5 Nov 2018




 Lexus Melbourne Cup Day







English, Mandarin






60 mins per tour

Comfortable walking shoes recommended



 7 Nov 2018




 Kennedy Oaks Day







English, Mandarin






60 mins per tour

Comfortable walking shoes recommended



 9 Nov 2018




 Seppelt Wines Stakes Day







English, Mardarin






60 mins per tour

Comfortable walking shoes recommended