Can we create our own menu for our event?

Absolutely! We would love to assist you in tailoring a menu suitable to your guests, tastes and budget.

What time is the venue licensed to?

In accordance with Victoria Liquor Licensing Regulations, all functions must conclude by 1.00 am, with all guests to fully depart the premises by 1.30am.

Do you have car parking on site and what is the charge?

Yes, we have over 6,000 car spaces on site. Parking is complimentary for all function guests.

How will my guests know where to go once they park?

For every event at Flemington, we ensure your guests are guided to the best place to park as well as directed to your chosen venue. Flemington parking attendants assist guests to ensure a timely arrival.

All areas of Flemington are clearly marked with signed directions to each venue. Your Event Planner can provide you with specific wording and directions for your invitations.

Does the train operate at Flemington outside of race days?

The train to Flemington Racecourse Station only operates as a private service outside of racedays. Your Event Sales Executive will be able to assist you in making these arrangements; however there are costs that will apply from Metro Trains.

Who is your preferred audio visual supplier? Can we bring in our own audio visual company?

Microhire is our in-house audio visual supplier. A number of our venues also have in-house equipment which is available for clients at a small charge. Your Event Sales Executive will be able to advise you if your venue has any in-house audio visual available. You may bring in your own audio visual provider however in most cases a technician on-duty will be required on the day of your event.

Can we use the big screen that is in the centre of the track?

Yes, this is referred to as our Super Screen as it is two storeys' high. There are charges for usage of this, however your Event Sales Executive will be able to send you our Super Screen packages which contains all the information you need.

Can we take photos around the grounds at Flemington?

At Flemington we have a range of spectacular areas on the grounds which are perfect for photos. There is no additional charge for this, and your Event Planner will be able to assist you with facilitating spaces.

Do all the venues have air conditioning and heating?

Yes, both heating and cooling options are available in all venues at Flemington.