Pedestrian Pass orders after 5pm Friday 19 October cannot be purchased online. All Pedestrian Passes from this time onwards must be purchased from VRC Head Office, 448 Epsom Road, Flemington.

Only after site allocation and payment, Members are able to purchase Pedestrian Passes. Please note your Membership must be renewed to purchase Pedestrian Passes.

Racing Rewards points can be used to redeem Pedestrian Passes (Adult 1,650 pts, Junior 600pts). Please note Members must have booked a Car Site or Super Site in order to redeem for this reward.


All Members guests entering the Nursery, Domain and Rails are required to complete this form for safety and security purposes. Members please share this form with your guests to complete as soon as possible.  



Pedestrian Pass holders are restricted to the enclosure in which their host’s Car or Super Site is located, and the general public area of the racecourse. Full, Life, Provisional, Pre ‘79, Restricted and Junior Members, Guest Card holders and Members Enclosure Daily Guest Pass holders will not require a Pedestrian Pass to access The Nursery, The Domain and The Rails.

Please note: Access restrictions apply in The Birdcage Enclosure. Aside from Birdcage Pedestrian Pass holders, only Full, Life, Provisional, Pre ‘79, Restricted and Junior Members in addition to Pre ‘79 Guest Card holders will have access to this enclosure.

By purchasing Pedestrian Passes for any of the car sites in The Nursery, Domain or Rails, you agree to be subject to and will abide by, and shall notify and require your guests and invitees to abide by the Membership Conditions, including The Birdcage and Members Reserved Car Park terms and conditions including any amendments notified to you by VRC.