The Annual General Meeting of members of Victoria Racing Club Limited (VRC Ltd) will be held in The Committee Room, Flemington Racecourse on Wednesday 18 December 2019 at 3.00pm (AEDT).

The Notice of Meeting will be sent to members in due course.

The following directors of the company retire in accordance with the constitution of VRC Ltd and offer themselves for re-election:

  • Amanda Elliott

  • Katherine Bourke

  • Elisa Robinson

Nomination criteria and process

Any full member seeking election must meet the criteria under clause 10.6 of VRC’s constitution. These include legislative requirements to obtain police checks, ASIC and credit searches and approval by VCGLR, the gaming and liquor regulator.

Nominations from full members meeting the eligibility criteria will be assessed by the Club’s Remuneration & Nominations Committee, which will review each candidate’s skills and experience and provide a confidential report to the Board.

The Board may provide a statement of endorsement or recommendation to members in relation to one or more candidates, including incumbent directors.

All candidates will be provided with campaign guidelines and a Candidate Information Form, which invites candidates to provide certain biographical and other information for inclusion in the document of candidate profiles provided to members. This document is a VRC publication: accordingly, VRC will ensure that it is clear of any inaccuracies, criticism or misrepresentations on the part of any candidate.

Prospective candidates please note:

  • All candidate profiles will be fact-checked.

  • Candidates may provide statements of up to 100 words to highlight their skills, strengths and areas of focus or interest regarding the club.

Candidates’ own campaign materials, conversations and social media activity are expected to adhere to the campaign guidelines.

The VRC by-laws have been updated to reflect the Remuneration & Nominations Committee’s involvement in the process and otherwise reflect the current election process. A copy of the new by-laws can be obtained here.

Closing date for nominations

All nominations must be received by the Company Secretary, Victoria Racing Club Limited, 448 Epsom Road, Flemington 3031 no later than 5.00pm (AEDT) on Wednesday 13 November 2019. Entries received later than this time will not be accepted.

To be valid, nominations must be submitted on the form available from VRC Ltd and signed by two financial full members endorsing the nomination. The form must be accompanied by relevant paperwork for the purposes of gaming and liquor licensing (including police checks), together with the completed Candidate Information Form. All candidates will be required to provide certain consents to the use of their information and to comply with campaigning guidelines.

Requests for nomination packs

Nomination packs containing the relevant forms, guidelines and instructions may be obtained by contacting our Customer Service team on 1300 727 575 or or by presenting a full member’s card or email address at our administration office reception area (business days) or the Race Day Ticketing Office (race days).