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What if one of my guests is mobility impaired?

Victoria Racing Club (VRC) is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its members, clients, customers, partners, racing industry affiliates and the community, inclusive of people with special needs. Due to a number of the facilities being temporary facilities, some facilities do not have wheelchair and pram access, however please notify us at the time of booking of any special requirements to allow VRC to accommodate individual needs as required and to provide appropriate accessible facilities and information.

What are the dress regulations that my guests need to adhere to?
What is the best way for my guests to arrive at our marquee?
Where is my marquee located?
Can I bring children into my private marquee?
  • Children are welcome at Flemington Racecourse and to the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Children that are accompanied by an adult are also welcome into the marquees.  Children’s menus can be arranged with your caterer for all private facilities.  Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Can I arrange my own caterer?
  • The Birdcage is exclusively catered by VRC approved caterers.  They provide outstanding food and beverage offerings and ensure our guests experience the best in customer service.  Victoria Racing Club has a long standing relationship with our caterers and will attend to any dietary requirements.  
Can I bring a photographer into my marquee to document the race day's events?
  • Yes. Please advise your Account Manager of your intentions and be sure to include them on your accreditation.  Your photographer will require media accreditation.
Where can I park my car and how much is car parking? 
  • Limited paid public parking is available within the infield of Flemington Racecourse at a cost per vehicle.
When do I receive my tickets? How will I receive them?
  • Ticket packs will be sent out the first week in October to all corporate clients who have paid in full.  Please ensure your Account Manager has your correct street address as tickets will be sent via courier.  Once you have received your ticketing packs, please check to ensure you have received your correct ticketing.
  • For all Birdcage marquees you will receive both a wristband and pedestrian pass, you will need both of these to access your marquee in the Birdcage.
If I have guests attending that already have Birdcage access can I invite them into my marquee?
  • Any guests entering your marquee will require the appropriate wristband for access.
How do I stop non-invited guests entering my marquee?
  • Each private marquee in the Birdcage will have either a security staff member or event staff member monitoring guest entry to ensure any guests entering have the appropriate ticketing.
What happens if I lose my ticket?
  • Lost tickets can be replaced for a fee.  Please contact your Account Manager to order a replacement ticket(s). 
How can I pre-purchase 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival lapel pins and/or lapel flowers for my guests?

Pre-orders for Flower lapel pins can made by submitting the below order form to your Account Manager. Please note all order are to be placed no later than 5pm, Friday 25 October 2019

When can I find out which horses are running in each race?
  • We recommend you check the particular raceday web page via our Racing & Events calendar. Race times are usually confirmed one month before each raceday. 
  • Updates on the race conditions and nominated fields for MCC racedays are available on the Race dates and conditions web page. This will give you an idea of the standard of racing, the prize money and the times of each race. The races are ranked in order of importance: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, listed and handicapped. The higher the rating of the race, the greater the prize money. Once you arrive on course, you can find all this information in the racebook. 
  • You can find results and replays of past races via Racing.com's Racing calendar.
  • We also recommend visitors to Flemington find their way and plan their raceday via the smartphone app, Flemington Raceday Guide, available for free download via the App Store and Google Play. It features an interactive racecourse map listing landmarks, bars, betting facilities and on-course amenities. Connect to Flemington wifi on course to access live racing, replays and more!
What are the payment terms & conditions?
What time should I get there?
  • We recommend prompt arrival to ensure that you receive the full benefit of your package.  All shared and private hospitality venues open an hour before the first race at Flemington and close an hour after the last race.  Beverage service commences from venue opening and concludes half an hour after the last Flemington race.
Can you cater for special Dietary Requirements?
  • We can cater for all types of dietary requirements.  You are able to advise your Account Manager of your special dietary requirements either at the time of booking or at a later stage.
Can I take alcohol out of the marquee?
  • Alcohol is not able to be taken out of the marquees or restaurants as specified in the liquor licence.  
Are there betting facilities within the venue?
  • All venues have betting facilities within close proximity.  Please refer to the package inclusions for each dining product to what betting facilities are available.